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How To Build a Business & Design Revenue Model Utilizing Your Musical & Artistic Talents



Wednesday, 28 Oct
3  - 4:30 PM Malaysia Time

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This Online Master Class is Suitable for
- anyone who are vocally, musically & artistically inclined and wish to discover the business & revenue model to grow their passion (full time or part time)
- parents who are worried at their children's intention to build their career in music or artist industry and wish to find out how will their children make a living from this choice of non-convention life path
- children who wish to build a business (part time or full time) with their musical & artistic talent and wish to find an effective way to communicate to their parents to gain their support

You have artistic talents and would like to find out how to unleash your talents and at the same time build a business from doing what you love ... You may have children who is artistically inclined but you are so worried about their future if they pursue this path

It can be becoming an Songwriter, Music Producer, Film Scoring Producer, Singer, Talent, Voice Over, Music Teacher, Owning a Music Academy, owning an ecommerce store selling musical instruments ...

Serene will share with you her journey, her challenges, mistakes to avoid and hope to inspire artistically-inclined individual to chase after their dream in building a business of their passion


  • 1

    Journey of Serene Cheam as an Entrepreneur

    Founder of and

  • 2

    Various Ways to Build a Business & Revenue Model Based on Your Artistic Talents

  • 3

    Top 3 Mistakes Artistic People Make That Keep Them Feeling Burnt Out & Put Them Out of Business

Host: Evanna Phoon

(Founder of

Master Trainer: Serene Cheam

(Founder of and

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Master Trainer: Serene Cheam

Serene Cheam is the Founder of and

She is a singer-songwriter who produced music for corporate, recording artists and jingles. Her clients are like Ogawa, MahSing, Munchy’s, Lipice, Smart Reader, TOTO, i-talk etc. She owns an academy, providing group trainings on pop piano & vocal. She is also a coach for a lot of recording artists. Besides, she is a master trainer who provides corporate training through music lessons.

Serene Cheam Speaking at Exabye Conference 2015

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