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How to Negotiate & Deal with Difficult & Fussy People

To Get What You Want & The Price You Want

Even if You Hate Negotiating



Wednesday, 04 Nov
10  - 11:30 AM Malaysia Time

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Whenever you meet difficult & fussy people in your life and get advice, people will advice you to "forget about them", "count your blessing" "think positively, those people are helping you to be a better person"... I am very sick hearing this advice because those advice are not productive and not addressing & solving the main root cause of my problem

If you have a deep cut in your right thumb and go to a doctor, will you feel like slapping the doctor when he tells you that,"oh, yes, i understand your pain but think positively, you still have other nine fingers that are OK on your hands ... i will give you panadol (which we all know it's a temporary solution) " ...

"Hello ?! my right thumb is in pain & I want to remove this pain PERMANENTLY !!!"

Back to real life, difficult & fussy people is really a pain in our lives. nice "chicken-soup to heal your soul" advice will NOT solve your problem ... it only helps you to temporary forget about these difficult people ...

As much as we want to forget about them and move on, I am sharing this webinar to teach you how to effectively deal with those difficult & fussy people in your life or your business ...

  • Are your tired of those "chicken soup for the soul" advice ?
  • Do you want to learn the PRACTICAL NEGOTIATION SKILLS how to deal with them ?
  • Do you want to learn how to get what you want (not compromise) ? to get the price that you deserve (not giving in to any more discounts) ?...

Then this online master class is for you ...


  • 1

    What Does It Takes To Deal & Negotitate With Difficult People ?

    That difficult people could be your customers, your supplier, your business associate, your boss, their spouse etc

  • 2

    How To Negotiate with them smartly to get what you want and the price you want

Host: Evanna Phoon

(Founder of

Master Trainer: Farhani Lee

(Strategist in personal brand empowerment, development and positioning)

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Recognised as a strategist in personal brand empowerment, development and positioning, Farhani Lee has built upon her expertise in personal brand management over her success journey as a corporate human resource professional, working inside organizations in various industries such as manufacturing, tobacco, education, venture capital, broadcast and entertainment over past 10 years.

To date, Farhani’s work has brought personal brand education to a fresh level and has worked with hundreds of professionals in a diverse array of businesses on entrepreneurial learning, brand leadership and personal positioning to succeed with high credibility and authority —for their company and themselves. She is also a sought after speaker with speaking opportunities for audiences of min of 40 to 4000 people.

Graduated locally in Master in Management, major in Entrepreneurship, Farhani developed a deeper profound level of passion to help many local entrepreneurs to get on proven strategies to success and be an aspiring business owner in their chosen expert field through mastering some key brand principles that she teaches.

In 2014, Farhani has been given the opportunity to mentor enterprising women under Cherie Blair Foundation for Mentoring Women Business Programme to help women entrepreneurs around the world to be successful in business and life.

Aligned with her entrepreneur’s education mission, Farhani is recently appointed as an Industry Specialist on aspects of Brand and Marketing to provide personal consultation and private coaching to local SMEs and Bumipreneurs on a nationwide scale, in conjuction with Ministry of Finance’s initiatives to build sustainable entrepreneurs under National Strategy Unit (NSU) and WENA’s ER360 program in ‘Serving Entrepreneurs Needs’.

She is also in collaboration with conducting series of live coaching and webinar sessions that engage with start-up entrepreneurs, solo-entrepreneurs as well as new enterprising individuals to guide them on the right footing of entepreneurship and true gains behind every successful enterpreneurs and business models.

Aside from her busy schedules, Farhani make sure she also spend time working with active bodies, private institutions and non-profit organisations such as Inti University, Kolej CQ-Teq, Malaysian Institute of Management (MIM), Social Progress Network committee and Sisterhood Alliances working committee on matters of growing concern with regards to teenagers and youth development, as well as social anxieties which involves abuse women and children.

At present, Farhani owns and is the Managing Director of Karl Consult Sdn Bhd, a business growth-consulting firm that champions entrepreneur’s business for acceleration and breakthroughs to achieve stronger market presence and foster greater positioning in their respective footing.

Farhani is also a strategic partner and advisor in a diversify range of companies steming from food & beverages, health and wellness, IT and mobile apps solutions to social business eco-system and new-age entrepreneurship systems that covers development, marketing and investment platforms. Her business ventures operate from Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, United Kingdom and soon to be in USA and Philippines.

As a constant and an avid learner in the world of success development, she is personally coached by world-class mentors like Jeff Slayter, Kane Miskus, both founder of Industry Rockstar, Australia, Joel Bauer and Blair Singer from USA, Andy Harrington and Kevin Greene from UK and Pamelina Siow from Singapore.

With her latest debut of her first self-written book titled “How to Market Like Lady Gaga : 9 Kick-Ass Strategies to Make People Fall In Love With Your Product”, this casts her as a budding author along with her best-selling author mentor, Gerry Robert.

Farhani is a Certified Coach under T. Harv Eker’s Signature Quantum Leap Program, USA and a Certified NLP Master Practitioner under Duanne Alley’s NLP Programs Certification, Australia.

For more information about Farhani Lee, kindly log in to

Connect with Farhani on FB : ‘Farhani Lee’

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