#IntiFMIdol: Ng Say Leng

Evanna Phoon

#IntiFMIdol is a project initiated by FounderMethod to promote 15 physically challenged entrepreneurs in Malaysia & is 100% a Malaysian Made Production by 70 Gen Ys from Inti Diploma of Mass Communication

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Evanna Phoon, www.FounderMethod.com

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Here is the story to #IntiFMIdol Ng Say Leng - Dare to dream  

Adults and teenager around you may be complaining so much about their life, skipping class because they cannot handle the stress from assignments and exams, buying another smartphone because the previous one is not in trend, but they have no idea how many other people out there who are only able to wish and dream to be in their position. But what they don’t know is that there are many disabled people who have not experience school, because of travelling and transport problems as well as people who are not financially supported and cannot afford a smart phone.

Ng Say Leng who has gotten disabled from walking because of muscular dystrophy is currently 35 years old. He was from a small village in Penang and came over to Kuala Lumpur in the year of 2005 to further his business as a website designer. Apart from designing website, he also design name cards, flyer and many more.

Muscular dystrophy is a group of genetic diseases in which muscle fibers are unusually prone to damage. These damaged muscles become weaker as the age of the person grows. Most of the people who have muscular dystrophy will eventually need to use a wheelchair.

“Three out of my seven siblings has muscular dystrophy. Unfortunately, one of them passed away in the age of 18, “He said.

When he was 1 years old, which was still in the process of learning how to walk, Ng Say Leng had fever. After the fever, he did not have the strength to stand when the parents tries to let him stand and walk. Since then he has been crawling on the floor.

He said, “During the time of primary school, my mom carry me back and forth to school every day. “

Travelling and transport has always been a problem for him because he has no wheelchair. Therefore, his mom had to carry him to school during his primary schooling days. Although he did not get the chance to continue high school because his mom will not be able to carry the weight of him by then, but he is very thankful and glad to have at least 6 years of education in his life.

“During subject that we have to change to another class, for example music class, a few students will help to carry me over to another class. I’m beyond thankful and touched.” Ng Say Leng said.

As muscular dystrophy makes muscle weak as the age grows, he felt tired easily after a while of crawling when he was in his primary two. Besides that, he felt that his spinal cord was a little out of place when he was in his primary five or six and he was afraid to let others know.” Although my parents may have noticed, but they did not have any medical knowledge to help me either,” He stated.

Ng Say Leng said, “There was a teacher who did not seem to be very kind to me because I am disabled, I could feel that he looked down on me and was being unfair to me. Whenever he was dividing groups for the students for activities, he will always put me last.”

After his primary, 6 he took up some plastic handcraft as a job. The payment was less than hundred a month, but he had a dream to fulfill. “I dream to own a laptop myself,” he said. After five years of saving, he finally managed to fulfill his first dream of his life. He bought himself a laptop, and that was a beginning for his life.

The laptop was a total stranger to him, but he knew that technology can help him in achieving what he wants to do in the future. He wants to be independent and have his own job to be able to at least support himself, therefore he wanted to learn how to use the laptop and hoping to have his own job using the technology. With the laptop, he did some self-learning on the knowledge for laptop and learned how to make websites.

After his primary 6, he had not leave the house until the age of 25, therefore he make friends through the internet and got some jobs to make website through online friends, then starts to work at the same time learn as much as he can.

“I made my own website with my own details written after knowing some basics of website designing. I was really satisfied,” He said with joy

Ng Say Leng then got friend who asked him to help making a website for its institution. It was a challenge for him as his knowledge for website designing was very little but he took the job still, because he thinks that it was an opportunity for him to learn more when he works while learning.

Group#11 Members after interview & video shooting session with Ng Say Leng

He said, “I came to KL and took a computer class to improve myself, but after a while, I think that I can learn more from the experiences I get during work than classes. Most of the knowledge I get of how to make a website is from the experience I had when I was working.”

Whenever Ng has any problem with work that he does not know how to do, he would ask his friends or search online. One of the issues he has when he was working for others was that he needed longer time to complete the job as he needs extra time to research for knowledge when he is faced with problem or questions.

After working under other company for a while, he then thought of wanting his own company as it lessens the issue of travelling for him. In his company, everything is based on the advanced technology, from communicating and getting jobs to making the, therefore no travelling will be needed. He also wanted to have this company so that he could give more opportunity to other disabled people who have the basics of website designing and anything related so that they could also work in their home without having to travel around, and he made it.

He said, “If It wasn’t the laptop, I would probably still be staying at home not knowing what to do with my life now”

Therefore, the first step to success is to dream. Without dreams, people have nothing to look forward to and therefore no motivation for them to strive for more than what they already sustained. Instead of living in a routine, dream makes people step out of their ordinary life and allow them to take risk. Success or fail, at least you know you have tried and fulfilled your dream at the end of the day.

"Once you choose hope, anything is possible"by Ng Say Leng

Business Information of #IntiFMIdol - Ng Say Leng

Name of Company: Say It Sdn Bhd
Email: sayleng@sayit.com.my
Website: www.sayit.com.my
Nature of business: web development, graphic design, flyers & printing etc


This video and article was created by Group 11 #INTIFMIdol 2014.

Students of Group #11 with Evanna Phoon (far left) for Mid-Checkpoint discussion & review session

a. Ngui Siew Ling

b. Sim Jia Yen

c. Annabelle Chong

d. Phang Sook Shyuan

e. Yam Wern Yen


Thoughts of  Group#11 on #IntiFMIdol Project

Evanna: Most easy part for you in this project?

Students of Group #11: Interview process. As we have drafted out our interview question, thus the whole interview process just follow the flow continuously.

Evanna: Most difficult part for you in this project?

Students of Group #11:
At first when  receiving such project, was a bit difficult to us as we don’t have any good idea for the video, and we felt lost at the moment, since it was a new experience for us to shoot with this subject matter. As well, finding the entrepreneur also was a challenge for us and it was tough too.

Evanna: Your attitude before this project?

Students of Group #11:
Procrastination and sluggish towards the assignment and project. Never take initiative action to done the project.

Evanna: Your attitude after this project?

Students of Group #11:
Become more productive and proactive in doing a  project. Produce more quality and quantity work.

Evanna: What has this project taught you & what you have learnt from the disabled entrepreneurs that you can apply in life?

Students of Group #11:
  In this project, we have learned the teamwork and act coordinately with each other as a team, we separated the job and we finished the task on time, eventually beyond the dateline.

We have been inspired by the entrepreneur, which we should work hard for our future without any hesitation. Time won’t be waiting for us, and we should cherish second and minute in our life. We supposed to cherish everything that we have had, cherish the people around us. We have learned his determination and optimistic towards the life, and people won’t give up us unless we give up ourselves.

As doing this project, we have learnt not supposed to feel sympathize for handicapped people, but empathize them, which means we should stand in their shoes, feel what they feel, think what they think, think from their perspective.  This is because they are eventually stronger than us with their abilities and capabilities, instead of sympathize them, what we supposed to do is to respect them, respect their work and respect their determination. Therefore, we must be thankful for what we have, and help the people in need.

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