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Master Class #136: How Patrick Lim Started & Build a Successful Malaysian-Made Bag Brand - GREENROOM136

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Wednesday, July 22
10 - 11:30 AM Malaysia Time

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Host: Evanna Phoon

(Founder of

Master Trainer: Patrick Lim

Founder of Greenroom136 and ConcreteJungle podcast


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    Questions on Start Up Ideas & Challenges

    You mentioned before that we should start making something in 5 , then Sell them in ebay, facebook & bazaar … Go back and make 10, then sell them in ebay, facebook & bazaar … make 20, repeat … etc etc … then you will pick up valuable & unique skills that is able to feed you for the rest of your life …
    It sounds very simple, can you share with us the 1st year journey of learning how to sew at your “greenroom”, testing & starting GREENROOM136? If I am not mistaken, you started this business in year 2011 (your website) ? Do you still have your initial design JunkMonkey Heretic? Can you share with us how first start to have the idea of designing it, sew them & how did you manage sell your first batch of design ?

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    Questions on Market Demand & Product Evolution

    The current products that you are selling have a wide range from Urban city bags, Messenger bags, camera bags, backpacks, to carry-all and etc. … Can you share with us which was your initial product & the journey of how you evolve into the current range & variety of products ?

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    Question to Getting Great Testimonials from Paying Clients

    i noticed that your Customer will put in effort for to Take Pictures and submit in Great Reviews to your blog. Can you share with us how did you manage to get customers to do that ?

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    Questions on Pricing, Niche Building & Positioning

    your bags are not cheap but you have raving fans & customer world wide, what did you do right in terms of branding, positioning & pricing ?
    What are the marketing activities that you find effective for your niche ?

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    Questions on Target Market

    I noticed that you are mainly targeting urban city folks brimming with amazing entrepreneurial spirit. Was this your initial target market or it was discovered after process of testing & selling ? Can you share with you more about the thought process in regards to your market positioning ? How did you cultivate brand & product culture that breeds loyal fans … ?

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    Questions on Side Projects

    Besides building incredible bags, you also have a youtube channel talking entrepreneurial spirit through ConcreteJungle … I watch the production, it is quite elaborate and it requires time & effort to produce as you do face to face interview with the entrepreneurs ... however, it is very interesting show casing them and the products they make … can you share with us more on ConcreteJungle in line with your business GREENROOM136?

Master Trainer: Patrick Lim

Patrick Lim is an entrepreneur. He is the founder of GREENROOM136; a Malaysian based urban bag company. And he is the producer/host for a video podcast; ConcreteJungle which chronicles his journey to unearth the essence of Malaysian entrepreneurial spirit.

Since 1996, he served with many companies in the fields of sales and marketing. His last employment was with a leading computer company and an instrumental component to the development of resellers throughout the country and had served with that company for 6 years.
(pix: Patrick Lim is featured on BFM. GREENROOM136 on Open for Business with Freda Liu)

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