Physically Disabled Entrepreneurs – MidCheckpoint of Project FounderMethod Idol

I’ll keep all members of my community updated on the progress and the Inti students will deliver their final work on 1 July 2014 🙂 … Share with people around you if you like our project 

5 weeks ago, I initiated a project to promote 15 physically disabled entrepreneurs in Malaysia. I am extremely lucky to have partnered with 70 inti diploma in mass communication students ... They have completed their interview & is currently doing video editing and article write up ...

Please take note that this project is 100% run, developed and implemented by the Inti Students ... I did nothing much, just initiated this project ... received many help from my email subscribers and community ... therefore, I am very impressed on the great work they have done ... I am also lucky to have my online community being so engaging with us throughout our journey ... THANK YOU !

Here is the video of Mid-Checkpoint progress... Have fun watching ...

* how much passionate & dedication these below age 20 Gen Y students are putting in this project
* sneak preview video of interview with owner of 99 Speedmart, Mr Lee Thiam Wah and bakery shop run by deaf & mute people 
* learn the sign language of "thank you", "I love you" and "i" .. 


Disabled n successful entrepreneur who is running a special travel agency is the interviewee of group 14 #intifmidol ... Great work group 14. Tqvm my dear students



Founder & MD of 99 speedmart is the interviewee of group 2 #intifmidol ... Great work group 2. Tqvm my dear students

At age of 25, Coco Tan met an accident and was disabled but she did not give up and is not successful owner of stationary shop ... Group #6 is interviewing her ...

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