Master Class #158: How to make $10k per month consistently (Even if you don’t think you have what it takes for business)

Master Trainer: Pial Khadilla
Integrative Biz Strategist, Founder & CEO of Pial Khadilla Ventures

Self-Discovering Journey to Find Out What I Do Not Love Doing & Focusing on Finding What I Love Doing
it’s tough to make the transformation but I’d rather put effort to unleash my true potentials now than to regret later in my life. Do you want find out how to get out that mental block & discover your true value ?
After discovering what I love doing, I’ll share with you the exact steps I took to get my first paying client
Do you want to find out what are the mistakes I’ve made so that you can avoid … ? also the right thing I’ve done to boost my sales ?
How I dealt with rejections and just got better
ouch, everyone hates rejections … do you want to know how I overcome them & turn rejection into a powerful weapon for my business ?
What you can do to get more clients
Do you want to find out how you can get paid for passion & what you love to do ?

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Master Trainer: Pial Khadilla

My parents were serial entrepreneurs and deep down I've always known I wanted to become a successful business woman one day, only thing is I didnt know were, Doing what and how?

While reading BBA in Bath University I was blessed with having the opportunity to work in 2 major cities of the world, London and New York. I worked for BP Oil International for 6 months and a PR firm called Yaeger PR while in NY for 6 months too

After graduation I jumped into business straight, exploring what I could possibly get into

at the time i knew i needed something to sell but wasn't sure, so my sister in law at the time was into fashion and textile and so i thought there would be a good partnership there where id work on the business side of things ie operation, branding marketing, selling, sourcing etc.

after 6 months pouring alot of effort into research and designing a concept for the company, she decided to go back studying. The Partnership & Ideas Died just like that

then one day i realised i had a mega problem - stretch marks from pregnancy

and was looking high and low for a miracle product to help with it till i came across Argan oil and the rest was history. Enrolled for a year long course studying how to create and formulate natural skincare products from scratch

i returned to malaysia in 2010 and continued with the biz part time cuz i started working for Bank Negara for 2 years and felt that my heart wasn't in creating and making skincare products for others and definitely wasn't in the work i was doing in the bank

with some savings and a will to succeed i took unpaid leave for 2 years to figure out what exactly I wanted to do ie. my passion

i literally immersed myself in more learning, signed up for countless programs, hired myself a coach and finally stepped into my true calling of coaching, mentoring and teaching business.

and then the only way for me now is up and forward.

and i want others to be able to find their true calling too and be able to share their unique gifts with the world and to be totally financially supported while doing what they love

"I’m a Malaysian born, Chinese & Malay mixed parentage heritage. I’ve lived in the UK, New York, and traveled to many places. I’ve been a single mom for almost 5 years and not too much longer =).
I have a special knack for entrepreneurship after spending 6 years tightening my nuts & bolts in the beauty industry creating a skincare brand, creating bespoke natural skincare products and running workshops & training courses. I also worked as a central banker before launching my full time coaching biz in August 2014.
I love desserts, hot & spicy food, traveling in style, shopping, massages, social dinner parties and my white tops.

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