How to Deliver Captivating Speech & Carve Your Unique Presentation Style
如何發揮迷人的演講, 幫助提高你的魅力,磁化,影響和激勵你的觀眾

Suitable for:-

  • Chairmans, Chairladies, MD, CEOs, Managers, Leaders who wants to upgrade their skill in speech or presentation
  • Those who wish to magnetize, mesmerize, influence & motivate you audience with speech or presentation
  • Those who wish to master the process speech & presentation creation and delivery.
  • Those who wish to have someone who stands in the audience point of view to highlight your strength, weakness and polish your own unique style of presentation

Online Course Covers

  • How To Write a Presentation ?
  • How To Write a Speech?
  • Google Presentation, Canva & Prezi
  • How To Prepare ?
  • How to Practice ? How to Rehearse ?
  • Body Language, Voice, Eye Contact
  • Overcome Your Fear

At the End of Training

  • Confidently Stand on Stage to Deliver an Impact Speech
  • Confidently Stand in front of a crowd to deliver your captivating presentation
  • How to Deliver Captivating Speech & Carve Your Unique Presentation Style
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      • 主席,總裁,首席,经理,领导, 希望提升自己在演讲的技能
      • 想要發揮迷人的演講,幫助提高你的魅力,磁化,影響和激勵你的觀眾
      • 希望掌握语音分享和演讲文稿的構思設計和整體呈現
      • 希望有一个人站在观众的角度来點評你的优势,弱点從而尋找出自己獨一無二的演讲风格



  • 如何撰写文稿?演講 ?
  • Google Presentation, Canva & Prezi
  • 如何准备?
  • 怎么练習?
  • 如何排练?
  • 肢体语言,语音,眼睛接触
  • 如何克服你的恐惧 ?


  • 自信地站在舞台上,發揮迷人的演讲
  • 站在众人面前,自信地發表講解演說
  • 如何發揮迷人的演講,幫助提高你的魅力,磁化,影響和激勵你的觀眾

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