Master Class #122: Bulletproof Your Company Against Potential Employee Grievances, Disciplinary Actions & Terminations

Master Trainer: Ms. Sujatha Selliah
Industrial Relations Lawyer & Consultant of MECA

This is a 2nd session after our 1st session (Click Here to view our 1st session) where we zoom in the basic of avoiding wrongful termination. In the last session, we have discussed on how to identify problematic employees and the best way to approach them by following the lawful due process.

In this session, we will approach grievances accordingly as grievances from your employees often leads to constructive dismissal and disciplinary actions. In this session, we will zoom into the followings:

  1. The definition of grievances
  2. Causes of grievances
  3. Effective ways to manage grievances
  4. some practical tips on managing grievances
  5. Managing disciplinary actions and termination

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Master Trainer: Ms. Sujatha Selliah 

Master Trainer : Ms. Sujatha Selliah


Ms. Sujatha Selliah is a Bachelor of Law (LLB) (Honours) graduate from University Utara Malaysia. She read in the chambers of Messrs Seah Balan Ravi & Co and was called to the bar in July 2010. She was retained as a Legal Assistant in the same firm. She has wide experience in the field of civil litigation where she has handled various types of disputes, including land disputes and matrimonial disputes in all levels of Courts in Malaysia. During her years of practice she was also exposed to probate and letters of administration work, bankruptcy cases, etc.

One of the cases that she had conduct over was reported in Ambank (M) Sdn Bhd v. Tan Yu Hock (2012) 8 CLJ 457 where she successfully defeated a claim by the bank for interest for15 years in relation to a housing loan. Instead, the interest ordered was reduced to less than a year. Ms. Sujatha is now handling, in addition to civil litigation, Industrial Relation related matters.
1. Won 2 prominent cases in IR:
(a) Won a constructive dismissal case in Industrial Court. The company restructured its organization specifically its job grading based on a blueprint by UK. Due to the restructuring the employee's fixed car allowance is withdrawn and his job grade had become a lower level. His position and other terms and conditions remains the same. The employee walked out from the Company claiming constructive dismissal. We manage to win the case.

(b) Won a case in High Court. It is an appeal from labour office to high court. Two employees was terminated for insubordination. Company redesignated their position from van salesman to sales representative. In doing so the company withdrawn car allowance of RM400. Both the employees refuse to assume the new position despite repeatedly asked to do so. Company issued show cause letter and upon receiving their reply the company terminated their services for insubordination without notice. Both the employees filed a complaint against the company for termination benefits and indemnity in lieu of notice. The labour officer's decision was in favour of the employees. We appealed against the decision and won the matter with costs.

2. Delivered & Presented Talks & Corporate Meetings in Penang, KL &
Kuching mainly on:
 Managing Staff Non Performance
 Avoiding Staff Wrongful Dismissal
 Managing Employee Grievance, Disciplinary Procedures and
 Implementing Transfer, Secondment & Assignment in
 Understanding The Employment Act 1955 (Part II, XI, XV &
Conducted in-depth trainings with HR Practitioners on:
 How To Investigate A Domestic Inquiry
 Termination of Employment
 Managing Absenteeism of Employees in Malaysia

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