#IntiFMIdol : Ricky Goo

Evanna Phoon #IntiFMIdol is a project initiated by FounderMethod to promote 15 physically challenged entrepreneurs in Malaysia & is 100% a Malaysian Made Production by 70 Gen Ys from Inti Diploma of Mass Communication ...

As a proud Malaysian, I hope that you make full use of #IntiFMIdol Stories as your motivational communication to your sales force, staffs, colleagues, friends & loved ones. Thank You in Advance .... Evanna Phoon, www.FounderMethod.com

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He is the Best HairStylist You Can Find in Malaysia 

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" My family give me life."

                                                                                       --- Ricky Goo

Here is the Story of #IntiFMIdol - Ricky Goo Ricky Goo is a 25 years old owner of Sense Hair Salon in Puchong and everyone describes him as a passionate young adult …

“... He always stay positive and optimistic, dedicated and hardworking…” said Jack, who is one of his long time client. ...

He is humorous, sociable with a lot of friends, straight forward and honest… said by a lady resident that lives in Sutramas Apartment, who never go to a dinner function without visiting Ricky Goo.

He is just like us, like everyone else, someone that hopes to provide his family with warmth and happiness through his dedication in his work.

Someone that works so hard hoping that one day in the future, life will be more comfortable.


He is destined to walk a different and more challenging path from everyone else, his is born met with an illness that most will give up and never be successful in hairstyling business, but he chose to achieve much greater things despite going through an illness than will ruin most people’s life.


One illness, One Night … and that’s the beginning of his NIGHTMARE                                  


Ricky Goo when he was a boy

The illness that happened when he was only 3 years old, turned his life upside down.

Banting, where Ricky was born, the main town in the district of Kuala Langat, Selangor, is located approximately 60km away from the capital city, Kuala Lumpur. His mother is always away to work in Singapore when he was still an infant and his father is also occupied with his work. His grandmother is the one who took care of him and his 4 years old brother.

There was once, for a few nights, he had high fever. As his family was not very well off, he was only fed leftover medicine. Hence, he did not recover. On that fateful night, his grandmother brought him to a nearby hospital. Regrettably, his family was told by doctors that his high fever destroyed his ability to hear, along with the ability to converse for the rest of his life, that means he will never be able to hear and talk for the rest of his life ….. his only mean of communication is the sign language.

He screamed to himself and everyone else The words that couldn’t be heard were screaming inside him, blaming what happened to him is his family’s fault.

He screamed to himself and everyone else blaming them for what happened to him … “It’s all YOUR FAULT !!!! Mother, Father, Grandmother, you caused me to be deaf and mute !!!!” Since that day, as he was different from other children, he was robbed of a happy normal childhood.


As he was deaf, he begin to have negative thoughts that lead to his lack of self-confidence, and is filled with insecurities. Anger, solitude and tears were all he could do to express his emotions and thoughts.

There was once when he was young, he raised his fist against his family members. People would have thought his unfilial actions to be not forgivable. However, his family continue to still loved him unconditionally, hoping that it would help reduce the guilt inside them. All that the child wanted, was just to be happier.

However, all the tolerance and love given from his family, did not help him, but made things worse. During his rebellious age of 14 and 15, when he was acquainted with bad company of friends, his family feared that he would get into trouble especially drug dealing. Fortunately, that did not happen.

" Every midnight, I was afraid to receive calls as I have no idea what happen to him again. Back to those days, he has bad friends who always take advantages from him. I used to received calls from police and hospital, even sometimes his friends, asked me to pick him up."

Ricky's brother always give some valuable advice to Ricky, especially on the topic of choosing friends. Ricky used to have a lot of friends that bring about bad influence but after his brother's advise, he became more critical and thought through the process of selecting a friend.

Ricky Goo

Name:Ricky Goo Age:25 years-old (as of Year 2014) Occupation:Hairstylist Birth Place:Banting Disability : Deaf and mute

Ricky Goo The Best HairStylist in Malaysia

Love Yourself, Love Others … Slowly as time passes, he began to realize, that in order for him to truely  find happiness, there is only one way, which is to let go of the past.

At the age of 15, he dropped out from school. With his passion and love in cooking, he became a chef. However, his career as a chef ended after a fight with his colleague 3 years later. When he was 18 and unskilled in any aspect, he decided to study hairdressing, to follow on her mother footsteps. He threw away his past, because he now knows that to be happy, he have to let go of all his pain that he allowed himself to be so consumed with from his past.

" I do think that they are slightly at fault. But over the years, they have given me more than enough love and support. I learned to accept my disability and became an independent man. " according to his translator when we interviewed him at his Saloon.

At that moment of enlightenment and realization, Ricky changed mentally. He transformed himself into a different person, from one with a world of darkness and hatred to one filled with love and hope. Since then, everything went uphill.

All that he need, was love.


Ricky Goo ...

He became a very loyal, faithful and passionate person. He gave his all in every relationship, all that he could to give love. However, some things are unfair in this world, you are just not rewarded for what you gave.

Every relationship that he went through disappointed him and broke his heart but at the same time, these experiences are what brought him up, taught him, and made him understand that love is like wine tasting, each has their own particular taste. Not everyone settles for one.

After numerous failures, there was one time he almost gave up and thought of taking his own life. Eventually he realized that, these are all just stepping stones in his life, for him to be a better person in life. He is still filled with hope as of now, patiently waiting for the right person. That little child that resides in this fully grown man, all that he wanted and hungered, was love.

Love, a double edge sword

Ricky, now filled with passion and highly dedicated to his work is just like you and me, if not, better.

Other people’s condescension did not discourage him, however became his motivation in life. He knows that he is not alone, stating that if someone else like me can do it, so can I.

His family’s encouragement and tolerance all those years gave him strength in his life, letting him know that he was not abandoned but deeply loved by his family. " He is my good brother and my eternal responsibility." said by his brother, Nicolas during the interview.

Ricky Goo At Work

Ricky Goo At Work

Ricky is a very sociable person. He not only confines himself to meeting people who shares a common bond with him, but also a lot of other friends who support him in times of need.

" I feel that I am the luckiest person in the world, I have a lovely and generous family, a group of supportive friends. To those who loves me, helped me, betrayed me, insulted me, I really appreciated that, because that made me to become a better me."

Maybe because the fact that he lacks what most people have, made him cherish what he have even more than most people do. And his bright and positive attitude works like a charm, affecting people around him.

Some days, he still cries and feels sad but with the acceptance, care and support from his dearest, he is able to garner all his courage to live on more happily. .


Ricky (red shirt) with Friends

One step, was all it takes.

Nowadays in this age, people in society always take things for granted, sometimes not knowing that they might have lost their most precious kinships and friendships or even their life.

If the people in our society would be more positive, tragedies would occur less.

In life, light will always shine through even the darkest corners. You just have to embrace it, feel it, and you will see the exit where the light has shown u.

Love, is a signal that will lead you home, is a directory to guide you to the right path, is torch light that brings you to brighter future. Without love in our life, it will never be complete.

Remember, positivity alters your life. And remember, your fate lies in your own hands, no one can force you in doing anything.

Live life, spread your wings and fly, as the endless sky awaits you

Business Information of #IntiFMIdol - Ricky Goo
Operation Hours: 10.00am - 8.00pm (Closed on Monday)
Address: S-GF-08, Sutramas Apartment, Persiaran Puchong Jaya Selatan, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Selangor.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rickygoo1
Nature of business: hair salon

Students of Group #4 with Ms. Evanna Phoon (far left) during Mid-Checkpoint discussion &review session

Group 4 students: 1. Ng Guo Ming 2. Yong Tze Seng 3. Tang Xue Loon 4. Hee Hui Shin 5. Lee Siew Loo         Thoughts of Group #4 on #IntiFMIdol Project Evanna Phoon: Most easy part for you in this project? Group#4 Students: For us it's very easy to contact and communicate with Miss Evanna. Evanna Phoon: Most difficult part for you in this project? Group#4 Students: Interview Ricky, our interviewee. Due to his disability, we can only communicate with him by gesture. We can't express and communicate directly to each other. Evanna Phoon: Your attitude before this project? Group#4 Students: We do not know that there are so many OKU entrepreneurs in Malaysia. We are less positive mind. Evanna Phoon: Your attitude after this project? Group#4 Students: Learn to be grateful, more appreciate what we have. We should do something to spread out the positive energy from our interviewee. Evanna Phoon: What has this project taught you & what you’ve learnt from the disabled entrepreneurs that you can apply in your life? Group#4 Students: Learn to be self motivated and do not laugh or tease at disability people. There are so many people are suffering, they need our help, we should appreciate what we have. Sometimes, even the deaf and mute can clearly show that what they want. They even have a better understanding than the normal. We hope that through this #INTIFMIDOL video, we can spread out positive energy, let those who live in silence and without sound can feel a bit warm.

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" My family give me life. 家人给我的新生命"


269692_245269798823412_7522792_n                                                --- Ricky Goo



姓名:Ricky Goo







Ricky Goo, 25岁,Sense Hair Salon老板,一个年轻有为的热血青年。这是一般人对他的描述。





冥冥之中, 上天注定就是要給他不一般的考驗, 和我们不一样的路。。。


那个夜晚 噩梦才开始





可是他心裏頭卻大喊, “都是爸爸、妈妈 哥哥和婆婆的錯 !!!”












一念之差, 心態的轉移就讓他從黑暗,憎恨別人踏入了另一個美好世界. 他心裏頭, 充滿了愛。。。 隨之,一切因此而改善。


心里的孩子 只想要100%的爱

他很重视感情,对每段感情都是100%地投入、100% 爱对方,但是感情并不是投资,不会有相等的回报率。541867_417816168235440_319972186_n





爱 曾经摧毁了他  再塑造了新的他

现在的他, 有上进心,努力工作,和你和我都一样, 甚至比我们更有远见。

异样的眼光并没有成为他的困扰,反而更有动力的生活。他知道世界上有许多和他一样的人, 他们都能成功, 那他一样也行。




他的社交圈并不只是一些和他有同样残缺的人, 他拥有很多正常的好朋友。他们常在他需要帮助时挺身而出。














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