The Most Romantic Resignation Letter

Last Night, I was happily reading Sin Chew Jit Poh & fell off my bed reading this article … This is the MOST ROMANTIC resignation letter I’ve came across … 10 words resignation letter & got immediate approval …

Allow me to try my very best to translate in English, so that you can use this template as your resignation letter (if you need to … heheeh) … In English, it’s 12 words

Application of Resignation: “The world is so BIG, I wish to go out and see”


The Value of Your Income (Or Money) Multiplies when You have the Time, the Mobility & the Choice to Enjoy It …

  • Time means uninterrupted moments to indulge in what you truly love or to be fully engage in delivering your work
  • Mobility means the flexibility to be in anywhere or any place you wish to work or to play
  • Choice means the freedom to choose who you want to work & play with, what you want to work and play on, when you want to work & play, how you want to work & play

Can it be done ? Well, I’ve met two fantastic ladies who have done it & I have begged them to show FounderMethod Community how they did it

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Both Jia Ni & Nurul are ordinary girls who are already “Going Out, Experiencing & Seeing the World” … We hope that FounderMethod Community is able to LIVE LIFE 100% pursuing their dreams … Because Time is Short, We only live once … 

Happy Friday & Happy Weekend !


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