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  • Thurs, 18th Dec
  • Session #1: 10am (e-commerce success stories of Malaysian entrepreneurs)
  • Session #2: 2pm (Instagram and facebook marketing - actionable tips for Malaysians)

Session #1:
18 Dec (Thurs)
10 - 11am
Speaker: CK Wong Author of "Malaysian e-commerce Success Stories"

CK Wong

I’ll share with you the success criteria of growing your own e-commerce

CK Wong
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Session #2:
18 Dec (Thurs)
2 - 3pm
Speaker: Michelle Chuah
Founder of

Michelle Chuah

I’ll share my failures & how I learnt from my mistakes and became ultra successful in Social Media Marketing & Instagram

Michelle Chuah
Session #2Click here for more info
Evanna Phoon

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