MasterClass #115: Building SMART Businesses

Master Trainer: KC See Founder & MD of MasteryAsia and Institute of Entrepreneurship


  1. Run your business the smart way – instead of working hard
  2. Re-look at your business model and make changes that would dramatically change your results
  3. Improve market share and your branding using a proven process
  4. Revolutionary ideas to grow the business into the future.
  5. Leverage your way to success with the limited resources you might have

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Master Trainer: KC See

Mr. KC See founded MasteryAsia, a global mentoring organisation that is dedicated to helping individuals achieve financial independence through education and mentorship. With over 5000 graduates throughout Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Indonesia and other countries, the Money Mastery Mentorship programme has inspired and helped thousands to create wealth and multiple sources of income using coaching, training and a e-support system. Every three months up to 200 people from 6 different countries would travel to where he lives to spend three days with him at his renowned Money Mastery Bootcamp.

KC is a Public Accountant and Chartered Secretary, and he also holds a Marketing qualification from Australia. He wrote four books, including the bestseller “Leveraging Time to create Wealth” and his latest is “Quest for Excellence: An Asian Executive guide to personal performance, productivity and profits”. He has worked with Robert Kiyosaki and is acknowledged in two of Robert’s book including, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”.

K.C. is a powerful speaker and trainer, having trained & mentored over 50,000 people over the last 18 years. He has been invited to many countries to speak at various conferences including Korea where he spoke at the International Internet Marketing Conference, Hong Kong where he was the keynote speaker for the Asian IT Venture Capital Forum and Australia where he addressed the National CPA conference. He is a regular contributor to business magazines and has been interviewed on radio and television stations in the region including Channel News Asia. He did a series of Positive Business Minutes for Singapore’s News Radio 93.8FM and the Money Wise series for Money Tree TV, Malaysia.

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