SMECorp-RISE & FounderMethod Physical Workshop #3

Workshop Title: Starting your F&B business right.

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Have a burning passion to kickstart your F&B business? Hang on to that thought! You know the drill, only a handful of new F&B business makes the cut and most others end up on the chopping board.
How can you tell if you're ready to start one? Do you know what's the 1st step needed to start an F&B business? What are the basic fundamental F&B business criteria? The menu list goes on...
Training objectives
This series of RISE workshop serves you just that! Find out;
- what is the 1st step you need in starting your F&B business
- the basic fundamental of F&B business criteria
- 3 ways to start your own F&B outlet
- hear examples of local success stories & analyze the ingredients behind their successes
Who should attend
Entrepreneurs, business owners & aspiring entrepreneurs with burning passion

Trainer: Heng Zee Soon (Director - 1-Stop Cafe, LOP Management Services Sdn Bhd)
Heng Zee Soon is a Certified Professional Trainer (CPT) currently focuses his training and coaching in the area of (1) Food and Beverages Management and (2) Property investment.
He has obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources Management in 1993, from
the University of South Alabama, USA. He started his career with Price Waterhouse Coopers Malaysia in 1994.
Later he was recruited by Tai Thong Group of Restaurant. He has served as the head of HR Department and later on the F&B Operation Manager, and was one of the key members that assisted in the listing of the company – TT Resources Berhad in year 1998.
2001, He held the position of Country - General Manager of China Division. He has led a team of 10 Malaysians together with 160 staffs in the China F&B operations.
Over the years, he has witnessed new comers in the F&B industry failed miserably and lost a lot of money. He had since, driven to enlighten aspiring F&B entrepreneurs to build and have a solid foundation.

When and where?
Date: 3rd March 2015 (Tuesday)
Time: 7.30PM - 10.30PM
Venue: Dewan Mahkota, Level 5, Block B, Platinum Sentral, SME Corp Malaysia
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Event Agenda




7.30pm - 8.00pm

Registration & mingle

8.00pm - 8.15pm

Get warmed up!

8.15pm - 9.00pm

Get enlightened!

- Tutorial

9.00pm - 9.20pm

Get up & take action!

- F&B exercise

9.20pm - 9.50pm

Get more enlightenment!

- Tutorial

9.50pm - 10.15pm

Get answers!

- Q&A


Event concludes


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