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EvannaMiss8 is the Best Online Edutainer. She started three years ago. She host online training with successful entrepreneurs and proven business experts on a regular basis, combining Education and Entertainment. After years of hard work, she have accumulated the largest online following of Malaysia’s entrepreneur & business.

Though she has outstanding natural beauty, talent & business (mind). She prefer to live an extremely reclusive, seclusive & private life offline… Minimalist Zen Lifestyle ...

Starting from year 2013, EvannaMiss8 shunned all the trappings of corporate & business life, refusing to appear in business luncheons, declining all offline speaking requests and avoiding business networking and commercial related ceremonies…

She calls herself "The Laziest Girl in Malaysia" as she :-

* Do Not Wish to Get Involve In Any Business Activities That Requires Her Physical Presence
* Do Not Wish to Appear & Speak in Offline Physical Events
* Do Not Wish to Attend Business Networking Functions or Commercial Related Face-to-Face Meet Up Events

In summary, EvannaMiss8 do not wish to engage in any form of OFFLINE business & commercial activities, she only limits her scope of collaboration to ONLINE.

If you are interested to collaborate with her, you may contact her at

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Dato Andy Low
Emperor of Legal Palace

Dato Andy Low

Dato’ Andy Low Hann Yong is a practising advocate and solicitor of the High Court of Malaya. He holds a degree in the Bachelor of Laws (Honour) from the University of Malaya. He is also the founder and managing partner of Low & Partners, a medium-size law firm where the HQ is located in Damansara.

Low & Partner’s main areas of practice include conveyancing, family law & divorce, will & estate administration, dispute resolution and corporate advisory serving the panel law firm of leading financial institutions, property developers, multinational companies and SMEs in Malaysia.
Various talks pertaining to the subject matter has been conducted throughout Dato Andy’s legal practice. His audience ranges from company directors, CEOs, professional financial planners, bankers, real estate negotiators, property Investors, to lay man without any legal backgrounds. He appears regularly in TV’s forums, newspapers, magazines & radios for his legal opinions over various subject matters.