Taiwan Trip, Ah Yat Master Classes & Workshop #3

I will be spending 2 weeks in Taiwan .. It’s a semi back-packing style and semi luxury travel .. hahaah … FUSION travel style .. FREEDOM, GREEN, Nature for whole 2 weeks … I am going to DANCE when I am in Taiwan ! I am a solo Chinese classical dancer, here are all my self-learn dances, https://foundermethod.com/play/chinese-classical-dance

Places that I plan to visit are:-

  • National Palace Museum – My childhood unrealized Dream is to be an archaeologist specializing in Chinese History… So, Visiting Museum is Super FUN for me …
  • Yang Ming Mountain – I am staying at a Tatami Japanese Garden Boutique Private Housing area and I plan to dance there …
  • Cing Jing Farm – Year of Sheep, I’ll see plenty of sheep there … plus, I also wanna dance there since it’s full of green and blue sky
  • Sun Moon Lake – Beautiful place to relax
  • Song Shan Cultural Park – I love art and culture …
  • the Eslite Bookstore – it’s the most beautiful bookstore

my aim is 1 new dancer per month .. but not sure why, suddenly i am able to dance 4 new dance per month … ok, so, I’ve practice 4 dances hopefully to dance at the nature, mountains of Taiwan …heheheeh …


A lot of my accommodation bookings are through airbnb … because I can find nice, unique, cozy place to stay … and more than often, I can chat with the owner and enjoy chit-chatting with them … A lot of places and activities that I choose are focusing on beauty, green, nature, arts & culture … these are things which is very close to my heart … beautiful stuffs …

ok, so, when I’m Back from Taiwan, I’ll be hosting 2 online master classes with Ah Yat on 12 Mar, hope to see you all there in the master class … Then I’m flying off to Australia for another 9 days starting from 13 Mar  …

Master Class #113: How to Profit From Property Bubble
Date & Time: 12 Mar 2015 , 9:30 – 11:00 am
More Details & Registration Link: http://foundermethod.com/property2015/

Master Class #114: Superman Investment & Business Strategy
Date & Time: 12 Mar 2015 , 2:30 – 4 pm
More Details & Registration Link: http://foundermethod.com/superman2015/

Oh Ya , one more thing … During my trip to Taiwan, FounderMethod-SMECorp-RISE physical workshop #3 is  “How to Build and Succeed in Food & Beverage Industry” on 3 Mar (Tuesday)  7:30 – 10:30pm … I wont be joining you but you can register to attend & learn from F&B Master Trainer face to face … it’ll be FUN ! Click here to register http://wp.me/p3caHe-1yl

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