The Art of Eliminating Non-Productive Meetings

About MEETINGS … Extracted from Tim Ferriss Book “4-Hours Work Week” …

Read the picture above it is really FUNNY but TRUE !

Most people can not escape from meetings … either you are chairing a meeting, coordinating a meeting or attending a meeting … I will personally train you all a way to eliminate non-productive meetings … do view the video here that I am doing a LIVE DEMO on how I manage to cut down 100 hours meeting time

How I Manage Meetings Effectively

1. Current Situation:

  • Meeting & Consuming Presentation from 14 Groups (66 Students) 2 hours

2. Proposed Action Item to Eliminate Non Productive Meeting Session

  • Standardize Format, Framework, Layout, Font of Presentation
  • Communicate Clearly What I want to Hear, What I do not want to hear

 3. Expected Result

  • Students know what they need to do
  • Evanna get what she wants

Mindset of Entrepreneurs who wants to master The Art of Eliminating Non-Productive Meetings

  • It is my responsible to Train People that Work with me , to be Effective & Efficient
  • It is my responsibility to make sure I am efficiently administering hundreds of virtual staffs

I only attend Meeting which requires me to Make Decisions or take action
I will not attend Meeting that is Defining Problem & Tell Grandfather Stories

I learn the tips and skills from Tim Ferriss … So, if you want to learn more please buy a copy of Tim Ferriss book “4-Hours Work Week” to get inspiration

Thank you for talking time to read my post … 🙂

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  • KCLau

    Reply Reply February 17, 2014

    Thanks for showing us the system you use, Evanna.
    I am also managing a project with virtual employees. Do you also show them how to create a Google Site on your introduction video?

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