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How Alister Low Build Her Online Freelance Business with Upwork
(A Story of a Fresh Graduate from UTAR)

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Thursday, July 02
3 - 4:30 PM Malaysia Time

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Quick Facts about Alister Low

  • 1

    Graduated Mar 2014 from UTAR in Bachelor of Communications (Hons) Public Relations

    She utilizes her knowledge gain in her university studies for her current freelance business ...

  • 2

    Did not want to work in Office with fixed working hours and limited choice to unleash her talents

    She do not want to be tied down or limited by office and corporate cage.

  • 3

    Wants to move back home to Kota Bahru to stay with her parents so that she can spend time with them.

    She wants to look for a business that is able to allow her to work online ...

  • 4

    Started Venturing starting her own Freelance Business by posting her skills at Upwork (Previously known as ODesk)

    Upwork provides Opportunity, Ease, Freedom and Success. It's a very easy to use platform to get freelance job or to hire freelancer ...

  • 5

    Since started with Upwork, she has accumulated total of 3,281 working hours and is currently making USD

Host: Evanna Phoon

(Founder of

Master Trainer :
Alister Low

Built a Successful Freelance Business with Upwork (Formerly Known as Odesk)

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Master Trainer: Alister Low
(24 Years Old & Built a Successful Online Freelance Business)

Good Day! 🙂

Pursuing Bachelor's degree major in Public Relations for 3 years, I've just finished my final year last semester in September 2013. While waiting for my graduation ceremony in 2014, I wish to expose myself to brand new knowledge and experience as I believe the learning process will serve as a good platform for my career path in the very near future.

I'm absolutely committed to the sense of responsibility to assigned tasks (#1 Follow deadline tightly #2 Communicative with client regarding the job progress) and enthusiasm to make it done in the best way (#1 Do a quick research about the content of works to form better understanding and make better outcome).

Experiences and Positions:
-Worked 3 months in Integrated Public Relations(IPR),a PR Consultancy Agency (Intern)
-Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) Public Relations Campaign Planning and Management (Deputy Director)
-UTAR PR Campaign 2013 Main Committee (Publicity Department)
-Worked for several companies via online in the field of social media, business, marketing, book and so on. (Translator)

Soft skills(seminars attended):
-Power Selling: NLP (Neuro Linguistic Program) for marketing and sales
-Emotional Intelligence and Teamwork (Taking responsibility: Take Charge!)
-Creative and Strategic Thinking (Thinking Out-Of-The-Box)
-Information Literacy Workshop

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