Master Class #55-How to Optimize Your Website so That It’s Not an Expensive Mistake for Your Business


Recently, there’s an interesting logo my friend whatsapped to wish Happy New Year 2014 with our 2014 Slogan “NAIK – Just Duit” (NIKE – Just Do It) … Inflation is catching up and a lot of businesses are turning into “online” or “websites” or “ecommerce” to increase their sales. However, we found that many websites are just an expensive mistake because they did not do it properly. Do you want to know how to avoid making expensive mistakes for your website ? Join me & David Wang (Malaysia’s Leading WordPress Expert, Owner of in our webinar. It’s online & it’s FREE ….

  • Don’t Repeat the Mistake in Year 2013.
  • Spend Your DUIT Wisely in Year 2014 for your Business
  • Learn the Smart Way, the Online Way
  • Engage Directly with the Real & Proven Expert …

David’s Webinar:

  • Date: Thursday, January 16, 2014 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
  • FREE Webinar Title: How to Optimize Your Website so that it’s not an Expensive mistake to Fit into Your Business Marketing Strategy

Up Close & Personal with – David Wang

David, Please introduce yourself

david wang

I’m a web geek and entrepreneur doing things my way instead of how everyone thinks I should. My goal is to live consciously instead of just drifting along. You might say I’m a little unconventional 🙂
My company ClickWP provides professional support to small businesses and bloggers who use WordPress.
When not blogging or tinkering with WordPress, I love giving unsolicited advice on running a business and being the best husband and father I can be.

How did you get the idea of starting up your company ?

WordPress is a free, open-source software that anyone can use to manage their blog or website. Millions of people use WordPress – individuals, small and large businesses and even government agencies. WordPress makes it easy to publish new content, or edit existing content, but non-technical users will inevitably need help and support managing their sites.

As an open source project, the official support forums are mainly staffed by volunteers who are simply overwhelmed and not able to look into every support request in detail. Because of this you might not get comprehensive responses and they may not be able to help you with third party plugins and themes.

david pix

I realized there was a need for reliable and affordable WordPress tech support. I guessed that there would be customers willing to pay for someone they could trust to answer their questions. I quickly launched a trial in 2011 and it was immediately successful. Since then ClickWP has helped more than 200 customers all over the world with their WordPress tech support.

What motivates you daily to build your business? 

My personal objective is to remove the technical challenges to starting and operating an online business.
I am also doing my part to contribute to the WordPress open-source project by helping people use WordPress better.

Have you ever failed at anything? If so, how did you handle it and what did you learn?

Of course! Failures are inevitable.
ClickWP is my 3rd business. My first business failed because I didn’t have a clear vision for the business and was not differentiated. My 2nd business failed because it was not a right fit for the target audience.
I learnt that I needed to be able to explain what my business does in 1 sentence, and to the right audience. I also learnt not to give up and keep trying, because the experience you gain from your failures are valuable and will help with your future endeavors.

david run

David Wang (right) participating in a running race

ClickWP’s main service are WordPress support plans. Our subscribers receive tech support from our WordPress experts, and we also provide automatic nightly backup, website updates and security monitoring.
ClickWP also provides website setup and WordPress customization packages.

I’m planning to expand ClickWP in 2014, but no solid plans yet. Please subscribe to our newsletter or connect with us on social media to stay in the loop!






Webinar Replay is available here

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