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I wanna thank you because FounderMethod online training platform grew stronger and stronger. Recently I am lucky enough to be invited to announce & officiate the launch of an International Event – WORLD FOUNDERS DAY. It will be 14 Mar every year …

During this mega launch, I’ve sang a song titled SMILE . The song and lyrics are 100% a original Malaysian produce masterpiece … ! Malaysia Boleh !

SMILE will be the official theme song of all online business training hosted by EvannaMiss8

Watch this video and listen carefully to the melody & lyrics … Download of this video is available here …

This song is for all founders, all entrepreneur & all business owners to learn if they want to be happy and successful in business …

EvannaMiss8 FounderMethod.com & The BEST Edutainer


Original Composer and Lyricist

Mr. Low. Original Composer & Lyricist of SMILE

Mr Low is Top Corporate & Business Planning Guru that has gone through real life corporate and business experience as

– Chairman of Rockwills
– Chairman of MTrustee (Corporate Trust Company)
– Group MD of Berjaya Group
– CEO of KFC
– Executive Director of Ambank
– Director of Prudential
– Board position in countless PLCs

On December 2015, Mr Low collaborated with the Goddess of Online Business Edutainment, EvannaMiss8 to bring you the BEST Strategic Corporate & Business Planning Course, www.BizPlanningMethod.com

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