Freedom – Backpacking Travel to Xi’an (7 – 26 Sept 2016)


I love the culture, history and landscape of China. 5 years ago, I made plans to travel to China once every year in back packing style. This year, I am going to Xi’an.

From 7 – 26 Sept, I will not be answering to any response. If you have any questions, do email my business partner

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  • q-iconWhy solo-backpacking ?

    I don’t believe in touch & go travels. I want to experience the deep engagement with the history, cultures and locals. I booked my stay via airbnb and love to chit chat with the host. I don’t love to shop, instead, I love to immerse myself in nature, museums & art galleries. It’s a torture to travel with people who don’t share your interest. I am an extremely reclusive & private person. So, solo-backpacking style is the only way I can enjoy travel the way I love.

  • q-iconWhere will you be visiting ?

    I will be visiting Hua Qing Pool, Li Shan Mountain, Terracotta Army, Muslim Quarters, Drum Tower, Tang Paradise, Mountain HuaShan, XiYue Temple, DaMing Palace, ShaanXi History Museum, FaMen Si, Qian Ling Monument, Maoling Mausoleum, Xi’an City and Flower & Traditional Tea Houses

    and many interesting places

I have been hosting so many online training and perhaps it’s time to get take a break and to know each other better …

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